m2migzz asked: love the amor prohibido shirt in the self portrait. did you print that as well? anyway, great work and hope to pick up a zine soon :)

Got da shirt form laz huntiez.. :)
Thanks for the kind words glad you dig my work. -Manuel

aurorab0bbyalis asked: hey! I was wondering where you got that Amor Prohibido shirt from! I love it so much:)

Da hermanita Laz Huntiez has everything you want and more! 


Anonymous asked: Have you ever used Grindr, Jack'd, or any other gay hook up apps?


nomadedgardo asked: Hi Manuel, Just wanted to say I LOVE your work. Ive actually been following this blog and then i realized I hadn't officially "followed" on tumblr (Your page is on my bookmarks so thats why i never realized it) all this time. Anyways, congratulations on the zine release. Also, I recognized you from the Kumbia Queers and San Cha performance at the Gilman a couple weeks ago. Love your work-Edgardo

Duddde! Thank you so much. That was a rad show! I’m so happy the zine is done and proud to share it thanks again.

Mucho respecto,


feltlurked asked: id love to pick up a zine!

still have some left.. comes with a sticker..rosary..and flyer..i’ll throw in a 5x7 print too if you mention it in the comment field when you purchase.